A Graeyniss Post

This is my first post. Not only my first post on The Fangs: my first time posting on the public web, as a blog author.

I have been hesitant with showing myself on the public web… I fear harsh commentary, and that people maybe will not find enjoyment in my words. That must not be something uncommon. I trust that here is my safe haven.

For the Snowball Effect, all I can add is some hidden internet souls who follow me every move. I do not have friends or family. Though I have some acquaintances, I would rather not have them. They may not know about my authorship here, for then this would not be my safe haven anymore.

I spend my days chasing greatness in the shadows. But my favorite pastime has made me realize that I should let go of the darkness I have become accustomed to, and focus on writing history in The Light.

The Fangs is awesome. This is a Graeyniss Post.

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