The Importance of Love

The Importance of Love

Love is the force behind all of the emotions one experiences and all decisions one makes, I believe, based on my conclusions from observing people. Because everyone truly wants to feel love, regardless of the way his or her personality is. It fires up your self-esteem, your hormone system and the way you see life around you. Let’s call that effect “the Love Boost”, for now.

Love might be the most important aspect of life. (A lot of people say that it is needless to say that it is the chief aspect of life, but the concept does not necessarily guarantee one’s survival, in this system where money – unfortunately – has more value in that context, which is why I say “might be”.) No matter who you are: (deep down) you want a Love Boost. We try to receive one, with every single thing we do.

Love makes one person put everything, including him or herself, on the line, to satisfy someone else, for example. ( = Receiving the greatest Love Boost from appreciation.) It can also make someone point out someone else’s mistakes, indirectly asking the other person to humble him or herself (and apologize). ( = Receiving the greatest Love Boost through a psychological game, if you ask me. But we can debate about this…) What one needs to do to receive a Boost, differs per individual. Nevertheless; no matter who you are: love is the drive behind all of your actions.

The featured image is made by Rakicevic Nenad.

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